Frequently Asked Questions


What is Web-Visitor Engagement?

Web visitor engagement allows your website to interact with people browsing your website in a more personal way similar to a sales person asking “May I help you?” or “Did you know that this product is on sale this week?”

What is the Droplet Engine?

The Droplet Engine is a cloud service that allows you to present web visitor light-box engagements to people browsing your website without modifying or altering your website content.

How does the Droplet Engine work with my website?

When your website is integrated with Droplet, your site will call down to the Droplet Engine for each visitor on your website then based on your visitor’s behavior, you can engage your visitor to help move them to act, buy, donate, take a short survey, etc.

Is Droplet Free?

Droplet is free and the free account gives you 500Droplets to display to your customer.  Additional Droplets can always be purchased and its easy to upgrade!

How do I create an account?

You can create a Droplet from the CleverRain.com home page Get Started button.  All you need is an email address and website name to get started.

How do I integrate Droplet with my website?

When you sign up for a Droplet Account, Clever Rain will email you a java script tag which you add to your website pages.  For most websites, you can just add this tag to the website header.  Your website will automatically communicate with the Droplet Engine and you can start displaying Droplets to your customers.

Can I get help with integrating Droplet to my website?

Sure!  The Clever Rain support team can assist with your integration questions.  We also have video tutorials and help documents that you can access through the Support tab when you log into your Droplet account.

How do I get support for Droplet?

The Support tab in the Droplet Administration panel gets you access to the Droplet Forum, Frequently Asked Questions and Droplet User Guides.   You can also send a question to the Droplet Support Team from the Support tab.

How do I contact Clever Rain if I have a question?

Just send an email to Support@cleverrain.com and we’ll get your question to the right person.

How do I request a new feature to be added to Droplet?

We suggest that you send us “BUG” even if it’s a new feature that you are looking for. We’ll get back with you regarding when our development team can complete the feature.


What is a Droplet Account?

A Droplet account enables Droplets to be presented on a specific website.  Each Droplet account is associated with only one website.  From the Droplet account you define templates (designs), Droplets and Rules for presenting Droplets to your website visitors

How do I access my Droplet Account?

You access your Droplet Account via an email address and password.  When you create your Droplet account, Clever Rain emails you your account details along with the javascript tag to integrate your website with Droplet.

Can I change my password?

From the Droplet Administration panel and select Reset Password to change your administrator password.


What if I forget my password?

From the Droplet Administration login screen just select “Forget Your Password?” and we’ll send you a temporary password.

What is an account administrator?

An account administrator is a person that can access your Droplet Account.  You can manage the people who can access your Droplet account from the Account tab – Administrators button.

How many administrators can I create for an account?

You can create up to five (5) administrators for your Droplet account

Can I use the same email address for different accounts?

Droplet directly associates an email address with a specific account.  You will need to use a separate email address if you want to create a new Droplet account.

How do I upgrade my free subscription to a monthly subscription?

You can directly upgrade your Droplet Account subscription from the Store tab.  It’s quick and easy to increase your engagement and reduce your cost per engagement!!

How do I configure my Droplet Account to access my YouTube channel?

Droplet can access YouTube for embedding videos in your Droplets.  You can configure your YouTube channel from the Droplet Administration Account View tab

What happens to the Droplets and Design templates I have purchased when I upgrade or downgrade?

All of the Droplets and templates that you have purchased stay with your account.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes you can disable your account or cancel your account from the Droplet Administration Account view tab.


What is a Droplet?

A Droplet is light-box or pop-up window that contains a design (which we call a template) that you present to your visitors.  Droplet designs can contain pictures, words, data entry fields, hyperlinks and videos.  Droplets also have a display behavior. You can control where on the page the Droplet appears and how the Droplet is presented.

What kinds of data can I put in a Droplet?

Droplets can contain pictures, words, data entry fields, hyperlinks and videos.

Can I get more “free” Droplets?

With the free subscription you get 100 free Droplets per month.

How can I get more Droplets to use with my Droplet Account?

From the Droplet Administration panel Store you can purchase any number of Droplets for your Droplet account.  Purchased Droplets are only used after all of your subscription Droplets are exhausted for a month.

How do I get to the data that a visitor inputs on a form?

Droplet Engine will email you with the data that visitors enter on your Droplet forms.  Also you can access this data through the Analytics tab and have Droplet email you an Excel spreadsheet with the content of the forms.


What is a template?

A template is a design that can contain pictures, words, data entry fields, hyperlinks and videos.  A template can also have a heading, a border and an optional submit button (when data entry fields are in the design).    You can use the same template in different Droplets and you can clone an existing template to create new templates.


What’s the difference between a Droplet and a template?

Templates and Droplets can be confusing.  A Template is a design – basically what you will present to your visitor.  A Droplet is the container (light-box window) that holds your design.  Your template defines what you will show your visitor and your Droplet defines “how” that design will be presented.

What is the Media Library for?

Your media library is where you keep the pictures, images and clip-art that you will use in your designs.  You can upload images into your image library and then use those images for either the foreground or background of your design.

Is there a limit to how many Droplets I can design?

There is no limit to the number of Droplet that you can design or define.

What is Community Art?

Community Art is a place where “share art”, clip-art, pictures, and designs can be shared with other Droplet users.  When you select community art, it is copied into your account’s Media Library.  From your media library, you can use the community art to build your Droplet designs.


What is a Rule?

A Rule identifies a set of website visitor behaviors by which you will display a Droplet.  For example, with a Rule you can target a visitor that is originating from Colorado on Tuesday and who has looked at the Men’s Boots page for more than 20 seconds.   At this point you can choose to present a Droplet to this specific visitor informing them about a special on all cowboy boots.

How do Rules work?

As visitor’s browse your website, Droplet captures how those visitors are using your site.  Those behaviors are sent to the Droplet Engine.  Each rule you define identifies an opportunity to engage with your visitors.  When a visitor satisfies all of the criteria for a rule, the Droplet associated with that rule is presented to that specific visitor only.

How many rules can I define?

There is no limit to the number of rules you can define however you will want to keep your rule set from getting too large so that you can best manage how visitors are targeted.

Can I stop a rule from running?

You can stop a rule from running in several ways.  You can disable the rule from the Droplet Admin Panel or you can set the schedule on the rule.  A rule will ONLY run when the schedule is valid.

What is the difference between a Basic Rule and an Advanced Rule?

Basic Rules are an easy way to get working with rules.  With the Basic Rule Generator, you simply answer a few questions about how you want to engage with your visitors and the rule is created for you.  Basic Rules are a subset of Advanced Rules.  With Advanced Rules you can create simple or complex logic for targeting the visitors on your website.


Can I edit a Basic Rule with the Advanced Rule Editor?

The Droplet Admin panel allows you to convert a Basic Rule to an Advanced Rule by editing the basic rule with the Advanced Rule Editor.  Once a Basic Rule is converted to an Advanced Rule it can only be edited with the Advanced Rule Editor.


What is a monitored visitor?

The Droplet Engine is (at its core) an analytics engine.  A monitored visitor is visitor at your website that Droplet is monitoring for engagement.   Each subscription level supports a different number of monitored visitors to maximize engagement for your website.

Can I change the number of visitors that are being monitored?

You can increase the number of visitors that are being monitored on your website by increasing your subscription level at the Droplet Store.

What reports are available with Droplet?

Droplet delivers standard reports to allow you to manage your Droplet account.  From the Analytics Tab in Droplet Admin Panel you can access your Sales Report, Forms Report,  Rule Usage Report and Visitor Report.


Droplet is a fantastic tool for any brick and mortar business that wants to increase foot traffic from website visitors.

Nancy Burritt
Skymania Trampolines