Droplet Ideas


Entertainment Business? "Help 'em feel happy"

Have a restaurant? "Offer a special"

Have a Tasting room?
get then in the door!!
Entertainment Business?
Make them Happy!!!
Have a restaurant?
Offer a daily special!!



Your SEO work has a visitor at your site…


All types of businesses can grow sales and increase customer conversion by adding a “Droplet” to one or more of site pages.

Droplets help convert website visitors into customers by moving them to visit your store, buy your product or service, or take advantage of a special you are offering.

Click on the images for suggestions and ideas for using a “Droplet” on your website to improve your website results.


Having Droplet on the Holy Innocents website has really helped us stay in touch with our community online!

Gail Dimock
Holy Innocents Church