Droplet Engine – Increase Sales


What is Droplet Engine?

Droplet Engine is plug in for your website that converts customers and increases sales.

Droplet Engine’s advanced analytics and monitoring empower you to engage your customers with “Droplets”  as they browse your web site.

Droplets can contain static content like images, text, and hyperlinks or dynamic content including videos, forms, polls, or animations.

  • Brick-and-Mortar stores use Droplet to present customers with targeted web coupons.
  • Non-profits use Droplet to present “calls to action” for critical projects.
  • Bloggers use Droplet to alert readers to special content or to get feedback on stories.
  • E-Commerce sites use Droplet to drive sales of drop-ship products.

The Droplet Engine also lets you present content from Wufoo, YouTube, Vimeo, SurveyMonkey, Slideshare and DocStoc.

How Does Droplet Work?

When you sign up for Droplet, we send you a one-line java script tag to put on your website pages. Once a page is tagged, the Droplet Engine follows your visitors.  Now you can target visitors with customized content using Droplet’s cloud-based administration.  No other changes are needed on your website and you can immediately create Droplets to present to your visitors.

How much does Droplet cost?

Droplet subscriptions start at just $9.95 / month to grow your sales and convert your customers!!
To get started, Free subscriptions include 500 Free Droplets.

Getting Started With Droplet

Increase sales and customer conversion.

Sign up today and start using Droplet.