The Perfect Game

Perfect Games make a great story but they are a truly rare occurrence. While we would all love a “perfect game” experience to share with our customers, engaging with customers is more like saying “I love you” — something you must say often and sincerely. […] → Continue Reading The Perfect Game

On the Brand Wagon

Whether you intend it or not – your website reflects your brand: Who You Are, Why You Do What You Do and Why You Are Different. Its all about brand and our websites need to do a better job of surfacing our brand to our site visitors. […] → Continue Reading On the Brand Wagon

Spider Webs and Engaging with Customers

I’m a transplant to the Northwest and as a “newbie” to the Northwest woods there was one particular thing I noticed this time of year – spider webs.  From hard-to-find ground funnels to random strands floating in the light breeze – they are everywhere and there’s no avoiding them.  It’s a brisk autumn morning; the […] → Continue Reading Spider Webs and Engaging with Customers

End of Summer and Mushrooms are popping…

Autumn is always a pretty cool time in the Pacific Northwest:  kids heading back to school, football games, salmon returning to spawn in local streams, and mushrooms popping up in my backyard with the first big rains.  Like those mushrooms, the Clever Rain team has been a little “stealthy” this summer but with new season […] → Continue Reading End of Summer and Mushrooms are popping…

The #1 Thing SEO Companies Are Missing

You’ve tweaked your SEO/SEM story, you’ve redesigned your web page and your page rankings are through the roof. You’ve got the traffic but you’re not seeing the conversation numbers. Sound Familiar? Yeah, this story is happening over and over again around the web and it’s really no fault of the Search Engine Optimization or Search […] → Continue Reading The #1 Thing SEO Companies Are Missing

Still Waters Run Deep

Hey Everyone, DJ here – I do the Marketing stuff for Clever Rain. Sorry it’s been a little while since our last posting. A lot has been happening. Let me give you some play by play highlights. We’re currently in beta with several customers and that’s going pretty well. 🙂 They’ve all seen uptick in […] → Continue Reading Still Waters Run Deep

Feeling the Pain…

“I Feel Your Pain” was a popular response back in the 1990’s.   As I recall, it was usually shared between friends in a minimally-empathetic and half-joking tone. This phase came back to mind today when I was chatting with Paul – an entrepreneur who was sharing some of his frustrations with his eCommerce site.   I was […] → Continue Reading Feeling the Pain…

Hello and Welcome!!

Hi! Thanks for visiting our website! We’re a new tech company that specializes in conversion marketing. “What does that mean?” Great question. It’s basically a fancy way of saying that we help you convert your potential sales into actual sales. We use sales and incentive techniques that have been around forever and apply them to your […] → Continue Reading Hello and Welcome!!

If your website was a person…

Hi! This is roughly how the Droplet Offer Engine works. We provide a web based piece of software that knows what your customers are looking at and then generates an offer based on that information. If your customer goes to exit your site without purchasing, the offer is presented to them.


Having Droplet on the Holy Innocents website has really helped us stay in touch with our community online!

Gail Dimock
Holy Innocents Church