On the Brand Wagon

Every now and then, I am given a “nugget” of brilliance in the form of a quick comment from someone I’m interacting with. This “nugget” changes EVERYTHING. This happened last Friday as I chatted with a colleague at a coffee shop in Seattle.

This guy is a successful entrepreneur who launched an internet advertising analytics company and successfully exited by selling that company to an even larger analytics company. He’s also the quintessential Seattle high-tech CEO – sharp, creative, engaging, and wears jeans, casual shoes and a button down shirt.

Our meeting was brief because he was headed off on a trip to New York City the following week and I made the comment that he would have the opportunity to break out the suits and dress “East Coast Style”. That’s when I got the “nugget”!

He commented back, “No, I actually try to dress the same on the East Coast as I do on the West Coast. It’s who I am – IT’S ALL ABOUT BRAND”.


This guy gets it and he lives it. It does not matter that everyone else expects a certain “look”. He is who he is – and by just being himself, he actually DIFFERENTIATES himself from the crowd.

I review a lot of websites and just like people, the variety is endless. Some sites are very unique and creative while others “dress like everyone else”. Don’t you wish your website was like a fashion wardrobe – easily altered?

The reality is that most businesses and organizations have neither the time nor the resources to retrofit or even update their website with fresh looks and content at a moment’s notice.  In practice, many website layouts rarely change.

Here’s the kicker:

Somewhere, buried in all of that unchanging image and content on your site, is your brand. It is who you are as a business, as a non-profit or as content provider. When a visitor has found your site, how you engage with that visitor will either hook them – or leave them to wander off.

If you don’t care about site conversions maybe this is ok. BUT if you really want to differentiate your company, products or organization and grow your business – you will need to “step out from behind the counter” and actually engage with your web visitors letting them know Who You Are, Why You Do What You Do and Why You Are Different!!

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