The #1 Thing SEO Companies Are Missing

You’ve tweaked your SEO/SEM story, you’ve redesigned your web page and your page rankings are through the roof. You’ve got the traffic but you’re not seeing the conversation numbers. Sound Familiar?

Yeah, this story is happening over and over again around the web and it’s really no fault of the Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing Companies. It’s just that there hasn’t been an easy and effective way to help convert customers from browsers to buyers while visitors were on the site.

We love SEO and SEM companies. They do amazing work getting people to websites, increasing page rankings, and occasionally, redesigning websites. This stuff is wonderful and necessary but we’ve heard from our SEO partners that they inevitably hit a wall. Eventually, the conversions plateau and no amount of tweaking, Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing helps.

That’s where we come in and why we love partnering with SEO and Web design companies. We offer another tool to add to the SEO Toolbox, another arrow in the quiver, another golf club in the bag. SEO companies can add the positive pop-up Droplet Offer Engine to their mix. Essentially, giving their customers a way to track and target web visitors and increasing ROI. It’s the last step of the process that’s been missing for years.

We’re pretty excited about the Positive Pop-Up Droplet Offer Engine and the results we’ve seen when our SEO partners use it. You’re next step – engage your visitors while they’re on you’re site.

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Having Droplet on the Holy Innocents website has really helped us stay in touch with our community online!

Gail Dimock
Holy Innocents Church