Still Waters Run Deep

Hey Everyone,

DJ here – I do the Marketing stuff for Clever Rain. Sorry it’s been a little while since our last posting. A lot has been happening. Let me give you some play by play highlights.

  1. We’re currently in beta with several customers and that’s going pretty well. 🙂 They’ve all seen uptick in terms of conversion and we’re getting a  lot of good feedback. Sure, there have been some bumps, some unexpected bugs in the software but we’re fixing them as we find them and things are looking up. We’re feeling good about rolling out stronger features and a better user interface. Solid work from the engineers.
  2. We currently have 6 people working a the company, including me. Conversations have been good and ideas have been flowing. Big shout out to our summer interns Sean and other DJ. They’re  kicking butt and taking names.

That’s about it for now but I’ll write more often.



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