Feeling the Pain…

“I Feel Your Pain” was a popular response back in the 1990’s.  

As I recall, it was usually shared between friends in a minimally-empathetic and half-joking tone. This phase came back to mind today when I was chatting with Paul – an entrepreneur who was sharing some of his frustrations with his eCommerce site.  

I was very impressed with Paul’s efforts to drive traffic to his web site.  He has strong web development team, he has implemented SEO, he utilizes SEM and the site is integrates with an analytics package.

Even with all that effort, Paul’s site is experiencing a 76% visitor abandonment rate.

Amazingly, Paul’s situation is far too common with eCommerce today.

One study of eCommerce site abandonment showed that over 90% of site visitors abandon before they even get to the shopping cart.   These sites are getting the “eyeballs” but “eyeballs” don’t keep the lights on…

If you run an eCommerce site, you are “Feeling the Pain” of trying to engage site visitors and convert them into customers. It’s difficult to find ways to get them to buy.

That’s why I’m very excited about Clever Rain Technologies and the Droplet Offer Engine. Droplet allows you to engage your visitors with real time incentives, real time offers and ways to motivate your customers as they’re shopping. It’s like having a sales person talking to customers as they peruse your site.

These new technologies help you move that visitor from an “eyeball” to a customer.

In the end, it’s a Win-Win: A win for your business because you’ve made a sale you might have lost and a win for your customer because they’ve just had a great customer experience.


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Having Droplet on the Holy Innocents website has really helped us stay in touch with our community online!

Gail Dimock
Holy Innocents Church